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    Sufi Heart Meditation

    A moving meditation to quiet the mind and open the heart

    with Melina Fuhrmann


    Join Melina one evening each month for a 50-minute moving meditation that consists of a simple breath and movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension and quiet the mind, allowing the energy of the heart to start to flow freely. The beating pulse of our energy-consciousness can be heard in the center of the heart chakra. As this chakra becomes balanced and energized, harmony in our life starts to unfold. This heart meditation, which is based on the Sufi tradition dating back hundreds of years, will create a harmonious unification of body and soul as the movements engage you with the four cardinal directions of N, S, E and W, and your breath invites in love.


    Upcoming Dates 2016 :

    Time: 18:30-19:20

    Price: SFr. 20

    Reservations: by email melina@cultivating-alpha.com


    A small tagline

    avec Natacha Divine


    Un espace-temps de partages, de méditations, de magies, de gué-risons, de dessins, de créations, de chansons et/ou de danses parfois accompagnés d'une musicienne live ou d'un autre type d'artiste présentant ses inspirations..

    Retrouver les élans de sororité naturelle des femmes-soeurs qui s'inspirent, se soutiennent, se gué-rissent, honorent les saisons, font ôdes à la lune, s'âme-musent & se miroitent leur aventures à la fois similaires & si uniques..

    BIENVENUES au monde de nos Intuitions, Douceurs & Harmonies, corps, coeur, & âme ♥

    Horaire : 19h-21h

    Participation : 33.- soirée + snacks

    Réservations par email ici




    Re-Connexion a Soi & sa Puissance Féminine

    Atelier d'immersion pour femmes

    avec Natacha DiviNe


    Prochaine session : 5 soirs + 1 après-midi en 5 semaines :
    8 nov, 16 + 27 nov (cercle mixte pardon/bénédiction), 23, 26 nov + 7 déc

    + 1 consultation privée de 2h pour chacune..

    "Il y a une perfection dans chacune de nous que nous devons Rayonner, une Conscience de la Beauté, de l’Abondance, de la Pureté et de l’Harmonie." Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi

    Cet Atelier facilite la re-connexion à notre partie dite féminine, c'est-à-dire intuitive, créative, vibrante, douce, guérie, accueillante existant en les hommes comme en les femmes. Il est nécessaire pour tous de la (re) connecter en soi pour la manifester et d'autant plus pour les femmes qui l'incarnent par essence. ...
    En pratique nous passons par des méditations-voyages & guérisons guidées, menant à l'intuition et à des libérations bienvenues, ainsi que par des moments de partages parlés, des créations dessinées, des instants physiques, tactiles, chantés ou dansés, le tout co-créé par ce qui devient rapidement un groupe organique de soeurs qui se respectent, puis s'écoutent, se soutiennent et...s'aiment. Puissant, libérateur & inoubliable !


    Réservations par email ici

    Cultivate Your Energy Consciousness

    An Integrative Approach to Empower and Balance your Energy & Life

    his is a series of courses covering each of your 7 chakras in a multidimensional approach. Each course will include a presentation and discussion that integrates new-edge science and ancient wisdom. The focus will then be on the practical application of this knowledge in your life. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathing, movement, energy consciousness awareness, body psychology, and higher sense perception exercises to help you connect into the consciousness of different aspects of your energy field. We will look at the importance of self-care from a holistic perspective and what that means for each chakra and your life as a whole. See www.cultivating-alpha.com for details on each course.


    Upcoming Dates : to be confirmed


    Time: 19:30-21:30

    Price: SFr. 40

    Reservations: by email melina@cultivating-alpha.com


  • Private Sessions

    Priestesses that guide you home back to yourself.

    Samiel Carolina

    Do you feel totally stuck in between who you are, who you think you should be and who you really want to be ?


    Samiel guides you to move pass this crossroad with a holistic, heart centered and soul directed journey. She facilitates online programs, Soul immersion experiences and retreats globally.


    Founder of Dare to Glow, Creator of Soul Centred Resolutions.


    Read more about Samiel here.

    Contact via email.

    Nana DiviNe

    Natacha DiviNe

    Coach Artistique & Spirituelle & de Projets.


    Consultations de Re-Connexion à SOI :

    Libérations des mémoires ancestrales, reprogrammation cellulaire, travail psycho-émotionnel & énergétique,.


    Ateliers de groupe, soirées de célébrations-bénédictions et/ou retraites, Accompagnements individuels,

    Français, anglais, italien espagnol parlés.


    "Natacha est un guide, un messager de l'amour et de la re-connexion de soi. Elle a su mettre en lumière la femme qui sommeillait en moi et qui s'etait éteinte par la force des choses. Merveilleux accompagnement, merci. " Ingrid


    Contact via email .

    Charo de la Rosa

    Psychothérapeute, naturopathe, experte en Biorésonance Quantique et en hypnose de réparation & de régression thérapeutique.


    Invitée spéciale depuis Madrid

    quatre fois par année.


    En espagnol & français.


    Contact via email via Natacha ici.

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    L'Hebdo Magazine

    Two of the Priestesses from Kak.Alom were featured in the Collector's Issue from 2015 : Read it online here

    December 2015. Article by Sylvain Besson


    You're awesome. Let's connect. Let's spread Soul Love & Inspired Creativity.


    Kak.Alom is a mayan voice for "Heart of Mother Earth", "Central Fire" and "Women's Womb". There is a sacred site in Guatemala, Kumark'Aj, where you walk inside the Earth through tunnels to do personal work, receive healing and transform your life.

    Our studio is located in the basement of an ancient building that feels exactly like those tunnels. It has been carefully renovated and tastefully decorated by its owners to become a sacred, beautiful and contemporary space where personal transformation, connection and meaning for life can be found, created and remembered.

    It is the place where life can be renewed, you can start again, you can dream big, if you decide so.

    Since its opening, Kak.Alom has become THE studio in Geneva where experts in the field of personal transformation find a beautiful location to create an unforgettable experience for you, themselves and the collective.

    Welcome Home. This space is yours.



    Conveniently located, KAK.ALOM STUDIO is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a busy and international city. Near Geneva Train Station, it is easy to reach by plane, train, bus and private transportation.